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bands for Scottish Events Ceilidh Reels

Barndance Agency & Scottish Events

There are two types of bands that

we can source for Scottish Events!

The Ceilidh (kaylee) Band
This type of band does not take the dancing so seriously, they come with a caller who will walk through the dances before hand and call over the top of the music as in a Barn Dance or Hoedown.

Because of the complexity of most of the Reel Scottish Dances most Ceilidh Bands would do the favourites, The Gay Gordon, The Dashing White Seargant, Strip the Willow and the Eightsome Reel, other than that the Band would fill the rest of the evening to easier dances of no particular ethic origin which do not take long to walk through but are fun to do. These dances would be danced to Scottish tunes as this maintains the theme.
Most of the Bands that this agency supplies play a mixture of English, Irish, Scottish and American so they do not find it a problem to sustain an evening of tunes with a Scottish influence

The Reels Band
In London and the South East there are probably only ten or twelve Reels Bands and cost is anywhere from £750.00 upwards.  If you hire a Reels Band they would expect a programme of dances before the evening and the band leader or M.C. would usually just announce which dance of the pre-selected list was to be played and everyone would be expected to know the dance.
For less formal occasions they would provide some minimal 'reminder' assistance but would still suppose that most guests would know what they are doing.

You could have a 'caller' with a Reels Band but his choice of dances would be limited by the knowledge (of lack of it) of his audience.  There is a misconception that Reels Bands would be dressed in kilts and full scottish outfits. This is not true as most Reels Bands dress in White Shirts and Black Trousers. The Band Line-up would usually be Button Accordion, Fiddle, Bass and Piano.

"Well, what can i say!! I couldn't have done it with you!!! (and obviously your fab, professional team). The thank yous have come pouring in. Your patience, flexibility, and personal touch were invaluable and the end result was amazing. The props were really authentic and eye catching and the entertainment was such great fun.

Absolute Taste - L. Broggin, London - Corporate Party

Just a note to say thank you so very much for everything that you did for us to produce the perfect office Christmas hoedown. Everyone who attended really got into the spirit of the evening and were very much loving the entertainment on offer; the rifle range, the lassooing cacti and of course the rodeo bull"

Barclays - G. Birch, Poole, Dorset - Office Christmas Party

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