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OUR OTHER EVENTS (Weddings, Anniversaries, Sports & Social Clubs, Fundraising, Church Socials, School PTA's and Company Socials)

Most people who throw a party spend the whole time worrying about things, instead of relaxing and enjoying themselves. But that doesn't happen when you have a Barn Dance Party, because your 'Caller'. Who is your Master of Ceremonies, will manage the whole evening for you while you spend time with your guests. Just give the Caller an idea of announcements for you when the party is in full swing. Once you've decided that a Barn Dance is the perfect event for your party, you need only do one more thing.


More and more couples are choosing a Barn Dance Band and Caller as their ideal wedding evening entertainment!
It's enormous fun absolutely informal, just right for every age from the youngest children to grandparents.

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​

Barn Dancesand Line Dances for Anniversaires are always fun events and they need'nt cost the earh. Over the years we have done a number of Surprise Parties as well. We can make sure that our communications are kept secret by leaving off the Company Logo Stamp on our envelopes, sending mail to another address and calling the office rather than the home so as not to spoil the surprise.

Having a small family get-together needn't be cost prohibitive we can get one off the ground for you for £300.00 and for that you will be entertained the whole evening.  Wedding Anniveraries, Birthdays, Barmitzvahs, House Warming or just an excuse for a knees up.  Theme it Irish or Scottish of you want lots of people fix it to Burns Night (end of January) St Patricks Night (March) St ANdrews Day (November) Thanksgiving (Novemeber) Independance Day (July).


Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​

Try something different with a Barn Dance or Line Dance.

As these activities are participative you and your comittee have to insure that this is something your members will wish to do.

If you think there is a doubt but you want to try it anyway then try a Caller with recorded music at £300.00 it is not such a financial burden should the take up not be as good as expected.

In common with other Agencies we operate a Cancellation fee policy which is 50% if cancelled one month befcrethe event 75% if cancelled two weeks before the event and 100% if cancelled one week before the event.

A Barn Dance or Line Dance can be fun with as few as 30 people and still have a good time and will work up to 75 people. If over 75 are expected we would advise a small Band.

Sports & Social Clubs

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​


One of the most cost effective forms of entertainment for a fundraiser is a Barn Dance or Line Dane. Prices start at £300.00 and the Caller will run a whole evening taking a break usually to coincide with a buffet and will put on a cassette to play in the background whilst the break is being taken.

The barn dance caller and Band, if funds allow, will only need a power point and perhaps a small raised platform for the Caller, the rest is provided. If the event is likely to attact a large number of attendees then why not Theme the Venue with Flags and Bunting etc. and why not try a Rodeo Bull and Quickdraw Machine. This will make sure that your barn dance or line dance is a great night for everybody.

Whatever your requirements, we are the specialist agency. Get further details on 020 8668 5714.

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​

Church Socials

We are sensitive to the requirements of various denominations regarding the Bands And Callers that we put forward on Church Socials. We are often asked for Bands and Callers that have a Christian outlook and have provided acts for 'Spring Harvest' over the last four years. We are also sensitive to no smoking and no alcohol and bad language requirements and have the acts available which would comply with most requirements. We have regularly supplied acts for Catholic, Baptist, C. of E., Jewish, Scientology etc.

Our Prices start at £300.00 call us now for further details 020 8668 5714

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​

School PTA's

Barn Dances for PTA's have long been a popular fund raising idea. Recenlty Line Dancing has challenged them and are now also being held.

If your committee has not tried this form of fundraising why not dip your metaphoriacal toe in the water by trying either a Barn Dance or Line Dance with recoreded music. For little over £300.00 you can see what the response is without two much financial input if things do not work out. If they do and people are clamouring for rhe next one then get a band.

To add that extra value to the ticket price of your barn dance why not put on a 'Ploughmans Supper'. For a little over 50p per head you can add value of £2.50 to your ticket price.

To discuss how to make your barn dance or line dance go with a bang and to decorate the hall on a shoe string call our help line on 020 8668 5714

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​

Company Socials

The rules with a Company Social is that the entertainment must not be structured. The Lads and Lasses only want to throw themselves around to the music so as little instruction as possible is required.

The Barn Dance or Ceilidh (kaylee) caller will generally have a radio mike and will come among the dancers and call while the music is playing. Nothing too complicated and all for a laugh. This also goes for the Line Dancing.

The music is everything all the caller has to do is shout out a few instructions and hope that the party goers will take notice, if not well who cares as long as a good time is had by all. Of course if a serious Scottish or Irish Evening is required we can be as serious as the next so really it is up to you to let us know your audience and how you want the evening to go.

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714

Ring us now on 020 8668 5714.​

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